Equipment for Motor Repair

Our range of Motor Repair equipment

Our range of motor repair equipment is designed to help you dismantle, rewind and reassemble electric motors. This equipment has been developed based on decades of experience in the motor repair industry and our range is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern repair workshops. In addition to our standard range of equipment, we can manufacture bespoke equipment to meet your exact requirements.

Bearing Extractors

The Rotary bearing extractor is a robust and reliable item for dismantling motors ready for repair.

  • Available in 30 tonne and 50 tonne versions
  • Portable unit with fully independent hydraulic pump
  • Robust, proven design
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Rotor Lifter

The Rotary Engineering Rotor Lifter is a simple but highly effective device for handling rotors during insertion into the stator.

  • Makes the safe insertion of rotors into stators a simple operation
  • Sling can be added for extra stability for heavy stators when moving around the workshop
  • Handle for ease of guiding the rotor
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Stator Cut Off Machines

Stator Cut Off Machines are used to cut end windings from electrical motors quickly without damaging laminations.

  • Uses grit edge, long life saw blades
  • Depth stop and cutter path guides prevents damage
  • Guard around cutting blade for safety
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Burn Off Ovens

Burn Off Ovens are designed to be used to reclaim stators and stator windings safely, quickly and economically, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

  • Heats up to 400˚C to burn off varnish and insulation material
  • Afterburner removes pollutants
  • Choice of natural gas or LPG
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Coil Puller

Coil Pullers are designed to remove coils from a stator after the burn off operation.

  • For efficient removal of end windings.
  • Stator is secured with by foot pedal operation leaving operator's hands free to remove the coils.
  • Requires only a connection to a clean, dry air supply.
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Insulation Cutter

Robust insulation cutting table with precision, heavy duty blade.

  • High quality counterbalanced cutting blade
  • Scales and stops on the table and the outfeed
  • Tray to catch insulations
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Wire Stripper

Wire stripping machines are used to remove coatings and tapes from the end of sectional or round and wire.

  • Adjustable for depth and thickness of round wire or sectional material
  • Powerful integrated vacuum extraction.
  • Guarded by a grid to ensure operator safety
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Coil Winding Machines

Range of 3 machines to suit your workshop

  • High quality motor gear box.
  • PLC touch screen interface
  • Constant torque
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Final Form Winder

Final form winder for creating diamond coils in one simple operation.

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Brazing Unit

The Rotary Portable Brazing unit is used to braze copper strips up to 200mm2 .

  • Portable unit, ideal for site work
  • Foot pedal operation to leave hands free
  • Requires only a standard 13 amp connection
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Varnish Dip Tank

Rotary varnish tanks feature a primary process tank and includes a secondary tank for storing the varnish when not in use.

  • ATEX compliant pump, fan and motor controls
  • Extraction ducting to reduce build up of solvent fumes
  • Fused drop down lid
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Gear Heaters

The Rotary Gear Heater is used to quickly raise the temperature of couplings, bearings and gears to expand them ready for fitting to a shaft.

  • Quick and clean operation
  • Induction heating means no flames and no contact that could damage the bearing
  • Built in timer
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Motor Test Console

The Rotary Motor Test Console is designed for incremental testing of repaired electric motors up to 298kW prior to recommissioning.

  • On-load tap changes
  • 1 switched voltmeter
  • 3 ammeters, one for each phase
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Motor Test Analyser

The Rotary Motor Test Analyser monitors the physical condition of your motor during pre-commissioning checks

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Motor Test Panel

Advanced Motor Test Panel used for testing motors up to 700kW after repair.

  • Automated test sequences
  • Onboard vibration testing
  • Temperature checks
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Stoving / Curing Oven

Stoving Ovens for curing varnish operate at up to 225oC and can also be used to dry out windings where dampness may have cause low earth leakage.

  • Electric, gas or LPG
  • PLC Touch screen or push button control
  • Full system monitoring and data output via USB
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Armature Stands

These robust armature stands are sold as a pair, with one at fixed height and one height adjustable to level up the armature.

  • Capacity 1,000 kgs per stand
  • One stand is adjustable to enable levelling up of armature whilst on the stand
  • Rollers allow full rotation of the armature for inspection
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Pneumatic Edge Bender

The Pneumatic Edge Bender is designed for easily bending copper strip on edge to form tight radius bends.

  • Pedestal mounted edge bender with bench mounted option
  • Lever operated
  • Supplied with three forming pins – diameters from 6mm to 11mm
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