Electromagnets for Industrial Applications

Our range of Industrial Electromagnetic equipment

Rotary Burnand recently celebrated 120 years of business as a leading manufacturer  of electromagnets and magnetic equipment for industrial applications. Today we have our own comprehensive design, consultancy and test facilities at our premises in Sheffield. Here, we employ a team of highly skilled and experienced staff capable of dealing with all aspects of electromagnetic equipment.  Our services include design, optimisation, consultancy, manufacture, full diagnostic and repair facilities, LOLER testing and electrical certification and magnet control systems. If you have an industrial magnet application we can certainly assist.


Rotary Burnand is a highly respected name the industry and our Burnand magnets are renowned for their robust construction and longevity. We offer a range of standard specifications which cover most handling requirements but we can also manufacture bespoke new electromagnets to meet your exact requirements including deep field, lightweight and bi-pole electromagnets. All our new electromagnets are made to order here at our premises in Sheffield using the highest specification of winding materials and insulations.

We offer a full service including provision of electromagnet control systems, cable management, DC plugs and sockets, and lifting beams.


Rotary Engineering, incorporating the renown Burnand name including all the associated skill and expertise, offer an electromagnet repair service. Electromagnet repairs are a key element of our business and we can return almost any magnet to ‘as new’ specification, so if your lifting magnet has failed we will almost certainly be able to repair it. It's not just Burnand electromagnets that we repair, we can also repair Witton Kramer, Walker, Igranic, Sav Walker, and any other industrial lifting magnet.

Our service starts with a full diagnostic and report on the condition of your magnet. You will then receive a detailed report and itemised quotation to bring your magnet up to “as new” standard. Our service is highly cost effective and our repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. All repaired magnets are LOLER tested and certified on our specially designed test rig prior to despatch.


We also offer LOLER (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) testing and certification for electromagnets. LOLER testing should be undertaken every 6 months for a lifting magnet. We can LOLER test at your site or here in Sheffield, contact us to discuss your requirements and we will offer you the most cost effective solution.


Any electromagnet requires a magnet control panel for efficient operation. We offer new AC and DC magnet control panels and we can repair your existing control panel. DC Magnet Control panels are now rare but we have the expertise to build you a replacement panel or repair an existing DC Magnet Control panel.


Our expertise is highly valued in industry and so we also undertake design and consultancy projects to evaluate electromagnet lifting for new applications. Our clients include suppliers to aerospace, defence, construction, and automotive sectors.

Electromagnet Design

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) our engineers can design a magnet to meet your exact requirements giving you optimum efficiency and the best handling solution.

  • Fully optimised magnet specification
  • Ability to consider a range of options to suit the application
  • Proven technology combined with extensive expertise
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Electromagnet Repair Service

Here at our premises in Sheffield we have the facility to repair industrial electromagnets and bring them back to ‘as new’ standard for a fraction of the cost of a brand new magnet.

  • Full assessment of electromagnet condition report
  • LOLER Testing and Certification including 6 monthly checks to meet LOLER Requirements
  • - (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998)
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Lifting Magnet Control Panel

Electromagnet control panels are an essential component of any electromagnet application.

  • Converts the AC Supply to a DC supply which is essential for your electromagnet.
  • Controls the efficient performance of the lift and drop functionality
  • Reverses electromagnet polarity to prevent build up of residual magnetism
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Alternative Electromagnet Applications

Electromagnets are normally associated with lifting, handling, and separation applications.

  • Design and manufacture of bespoke electromagnets with magnetic field directed to activate a magnetically operated valve.
  • Consultancy, design and prototype of electromagnetic system to activate safety systems in the event of a power failure
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Electromagnet Optimisation

A bespoke service to improve the operating efficiency of existing magnet applications.

  • Independent assessment of magnet system
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Costing for any upgrades.
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High Power Rectangular Electromagnets

High power rectangular magnets are designed for efficient handling of single layers of steel billets, RSJ, rail or similar steel section as well as bundled tube and bar sections

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Rugged reliability with easy operation
  • Fully weatherproof construction
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Circular Electromagnets

High power, heavy duty lifting magnets are designed for efficient handling of all kinds of scrap including heavy melting scrap, broken scrap, steel turnings, cast iron boring, and ingot scrap.

  • Wide range of sizes available for handling slabs with safe working loads in excess of 35 tonnes.
  • Heavy duty high permeability case
  • High intensity, deep field options
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Separation Magnets

Electromagnets are ideal for the separation of ferrous metals from other components and are frequently used in industry.

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Small High Powered Lifting Electromagnets

Lid Lifter Magnets are used by the steel industry for lifting coke oven chute access lids, allowing the coke oven to be fed.

  • High temperature capability
  • Different sizes available
  • Different coil configurations available
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Lightweight Circular Electromagnets

Lightweight circular lifting magnets are designed for scrap handling applications where high lift to magnet weight ratio is needed because of restrictions on the crane and lifting capacity.

  • Lightweight for maximum payload
  • Fully welded baseplate
  • Lightweight aluminium coil
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Bi Pole Electromagnets

Bi-pole magnets are used for lifting steel billets, blooms, ingots, bars and certain types of forgings.

  • Shaped to eliminate the tendency to roll
  • Can be designed to suit your application
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