Specialist automation equipment and systems

Who we are

Rotary Automation specialises in integrating touch screen and PLC controls into existing equipment and systems, giving you the opportunity to automate your process. Our solutions give rise to enhanced safety and efficiency whilst enabling additional capabilities such as live visualisation, data export and precise control.

Ideally suited to manufacturing processes, Rotary Automation can help to improve your throughput with consistent product quality with no compromise to health and safety.

Rotary Automation has a history of delivering these solutions, and is part of Rotary Engineering UK Ltd

  • + Electrical
  • + Hydraulic
  • + Pneumatic
  • + Motion control
  • + CNC machining
  • + Panel building
  • + PLC
  • + HMI software design
  • + SolidWorks
  • + Safety systems
  • + Reporting
  • + Data collection

Why automate with Rotary?


Safety directives and standards are continuously evolving, resulting in current machinery becoming quickly outdated. As part of a control system overhaul, we can offer a full review / risk assessment of your current process and bring its safety provisions up to date complying with all relevant standards
e.g. Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive & any machine specific standards.


The condition and sophistication of your machinery can have a lasting effect on visitors and employees. We use the latest components and GUI design software to provide our customers with equipment that impresses with looks, feel and performance.


Process efficiency – The efficiency of your process is typically where the most improvement can be made. By introducing or enhancing automation and incorporating modern control techniques, you can see significant improvements in efficiency. Saving you time and increasing capacity.

Hardware efficiency – Often older machines use dated hardware such as low efficiency motors and sub-optimal methods of heating, leading to unnecessary losses. Rotary can offer a full process and hardware review to maximise the efficiency of your process.

Support & obsolescence

Downtime of machinery is recognised as one of the most significant problems in manufacturing and opting for a new control system is a great way to insure against it. Our control systems are designed to be extremely robust and incorporate modern components to ensure years of reliable service.

We have a team of engineers able to assist either remotely or on site to solve your problem in a time critical manor and get your system back up and running.

We acknowledge that obsolescence may be the main drive towards overhauling your control system and to mitigate this as an issue in the future, widely used components from market leading suppliers are used where possible to ensure that the system can be maintained long into the future.