Equipment for Traction Workshop

Our range of Traction Workshop equipment

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd can supply a complete line of equipment for your DC motor repair shop. This state of the art automation equipment improves the quality and speed of all the significant operations required in the manufacture or refurbishment of DC traction motors.

This range of equipment is used in locomotive manufacturing and repair shops around the world, and is the product of many decades of experience combined with todays’ cutting edge technology.

Our website lists a selection of the equipment we can offer but if you have a requirement that is not mentioned here please contact us, we are sure to be able to help

Armature Winding Stands

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Robust construction including cast iron support stands
  • Option for wheels for portability
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Automatic TIG Welders

Automatic TIG welding is a controlled, repeatable process that provides consistent, high quality TIG welds.

  • Automatic torch movement and position control
  • Optical sensor detects mica, controls current levels and counts bars.
  • Optional brush system continuously cleans the riser during rotation
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Banding Machines

The TS Banding Machine produces tight, consistent bands of tape or wire as it accurately maintains tension.

  • Variable spindle speed for optimal banding productivity
  • Acceleration and deceleration computer controlled for smooth starts and stops
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Banding Tension Device

The CB Tension Device is designed for high-tension tape banding on a lathe.

  • Versatile and can be used in the field for service work
  • Can also be permanently mounted on a lathe
  • Calibrated tension device
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Coil Puller Station

The station consists of three main components: a traction motor sized Armature Stand with “over-the-top” shaft Clamping device, Pneumatic Cylinder Coil Puller, and Portable I-beam Support Structure.

  • Capable of supporting armatures weighing upwards of 3,000kg
  • Two heavy stands are mounted onto the base
  • A hand-wheel adjusts the height of the stations’ roller stands
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Automatic Mica Undercutters

The MDU Undercutter, designed in collaboration with clients provides consistent high quality results and can reduce the undercutting process time from hours to minutes.

  • Easy to read mica sensor display reduces set up time
  • Fibre optic sensor automatically identifies the mica slot to align the saw
  • Floating spindle follows skewed mica slots and eliminates the need for the operator to make adjustments.
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TA Seasoner

The TA Seasoning Machine heats and rotates a heavy traction motor armature at high speeds.

  • Vibration sensors – in vertical and horizontal direction monitor the spinning armature and are programmed to shut the machine down if the vibration rate exceeds a pre-set limit
  • Armature support Bearings are protected by temperature sensors that shut down the machine if they become too hot
  • Support pedestals placed on the bedways are line bored as an assembly to ensure that they are true to each other so alignment is perfect
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Universal Machine

Combines undercutting, banding, tig welding, commutator turning, and many more operations.

  • Reduces Armature Handling
  • Reduces Overhead Crane Lifts
  • Frees-up Shop Lathe for other work
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