Equipment for Coil Manufacturing

Our range of Coil Manufacturing equipment

Rotary is a leading supplier of equipment to the coil manufacturing industry for high voltage motors and generators. Our equipment has been developed in partnership with some of the leading coil producers and meets the requirements of modern workshops. In addition to our standard range of equipment we can also adapt our standard designs or produce entirely bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

Loop Winding Machine and De-reeler

For winding high voltage loops in sectional copper.

  • High torque machine for loops up to 5.0m
  • Fully programmable PLC touch screen
  • Automatic lap count and stop
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Coil Forming Machine

The Rotary Coil Forming machine has been constantly developed over recent years.

  • Used to form diamond coils with consistent geometry
  • Fully adjustable and simple to operate
  • Optional radius forming with retrofit availability on some machines
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Coil Press

The Rotary Hydraulic Hot Coil Press is an invaluable addition to your high voltage coil manufacturing process.

  • For pressing the straight ‘slot’ section of stator coils for slot length from 250mm up to 11 meters turbo bars.
  • Integrated hydraulic power pack
  • PLC control with data output.
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Coil Taping

Rotary offer a complete package of coil manufacturing equipment for turnkey operations.

  • Range of four taping heads dependent on coil cross section, up to 50mm x 150mm
  • Taping speed up to 250 r.p.m for small cross sections.
  • Variable lap
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Coil Gauging Unit

The coil gauging unit is designed to hold a fully formed coil so that all dimensions and geometry can be verified, ensuring consistency whilst reducing investment in the requirement for expensive fixed templates.

  • Pneumatically operated clamps make it easy to secure a coil ready for full inspection.
  • A heavy duty option is available to allow final forming whilst the coil is held securely in the unit.
  • Optional mounting plates for your own precision gauges.
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