Coil Press

The Rotary Hydraulic Hot Coil Press is an invaluable addition to your high voltage coil manufacturing process. This heavy duty, reliable coil press has served our UK and international customers for many years. Ongoing development of this press includes enhanced PLC control, touch screen interface, data logging and coil kneading. Working closely with our customers we develop each hot coil press to meet their exact specification.


  • For pressing the straight ‘slot’ section of stator coils for slot length from 250mm up to 11 meters turbo bars.
  • Integrated hydraulic power pack
  • PLC control with data output.

Optional Extras

  • Automatic kneading
  • Automatic water cooling
  • Recipe storage
  • Data output
  • Dual press control
  • Programmable pressure and temperature in stages

Heater bars available include:

  • Standard
  • Water Cooled
  • Heavy duty

Coil press with auto locking heads

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