Electromagnet Optimisation

A bespoke service to improve the operating efficiency of existing magnet applications. A design engineer and magnet design specialist will be assigned to review your current magnet application, report on findings and make recommendations for improvements.


  • Independent assessment of magnet system
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Costing for any upgrades.
  • May improve working practices and reduce downtime.

An example of a completed project include:

Optimising an existing pick and place system.

Problem: The client had an existing pick and place system to carry automotive components through the factory. The magnetic handling system was failing to pick up some components, and other components were falling off during processing.

Solution: An initial appraisal at site identified that the complex shape of the components was not adequately accommodated by the existing magnetic handling system. A review of the existing design and finite element analysis enabled our engineers to design a simple modification to the existing magnets to double the lifting capacity and eliminate the problem.