Motor Test Panel

The Advanced Motor Test Panel is used for testing electrical and physical motor characteristics with automated controls and advanced reporting. Available in 3 sizes for motors up to 700kW, this test equipment is suitable for large motor repair workshops with a dedicated, secure test area.

Safety features include: control through a remote 21″ HMI, capacity to link to local interlocks and e-stops, connection via a range of sockets with residual current protection.

This built to order panel can be designed to match your precise requirements. Talk to one of our engineers to find out more.


  • Automated test sequences
  • Onboard vibration testing
  • Temperature checks
  • Speed monitoring
  • DC armature testing up to 250A 800VDC and field testing up to 32A / 800VDC

Intuitive home screen

Three phase testing

Motor connections through secure sockets

Transformer housed in robust panel for safety

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