Motor Test Console

The Rotary Motor Test Console is designed for incremental testing of repaired electric motors prior to recommissioning. The console allows the user to increase the voltage in increments to ensure the motor performs to standard before running at full voltage. This tried and trusted equipment has been sold worldwide and is based on robust transformer technology which will give decades of reliable service.

Two options are available; our traditional push button control test console which allows the operator to fully control the motor test process and record results as required, and the more recent touch screen and PLC controlled model which offers automated testing and data output via USB. A 5kV flash tester is included in all models.


  • On-load tap changes
  • 1 switched voltmeter
  • 3 ammeters, one for each phase
  • Options to test AC and DC motors up to 60 amps

Motor test console with PLC control, data output and automatic testing

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