Motor Test Analyser

The Rotary Motor Test Analyser monitors the physical condition of your motor during pre-commissioning checks. Compatible with our Motor Test Console, this unit gives you the option to test a motors speed, temperature and vibration. Controlled through a HMI the unit can output results through a USB interface for quality assurance.

• 6 vibration channels
• 4 temperature channels
• Speed via laser tachometer
• HMI to manage and view data.
• Export of PDF reports
• Option to integrate flash tester.

This equipment can be integrated into our Motor Test Console and so offers you the opportunity to upgrade your existing test facility.

As an option, additional advanced analysis is available including:
• Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
• Phase
• Orbits
• Bode
This option is supplied as a complete set with laptop and leads / connectors

Portable vibration, temperation and speed monitoring in one unit or integrate with you existing Rotary Motor Test Console.

User friendly touch screen

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