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Coil Spreaders

The Rotary Coil Spreader for fully forming high voltage coils offers a robust engineered solution for all your coil forming requirements. Manufactured here in Sheffield, England, to your specification, our machines have proven to give reliable service in the high voltage coil manufacturing industry for many years.


Radius forming option with all coil spreaders, erognomic design and linear bearing slides for smooth, efficient spread. 

  • Used to form high quality, consistent diamond coils
  • Radius forming available as an option. 
  • Powered by pneumatic cylinders
  • Fully adjustable and simple to operate
  • Proven design, our coil spreaders last for decades with minimal maintenance
  • Heavy duty option available for tough coils
  • For loops 150cm up to 530cm
  • Bespoke machines available to suit your specific requirements

Coil Forming Machine for High Voltage Coils

Heavy duty clamping arrangement for HV coil forming

Coil Pull Out Machine - coil holding arrangement

Radius Forming detail

Coil Spreader with Radius forming