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Banding Machines

The TS Banding Machine produces tight, consistent bands of tape or wire as it accurately maintains tension. This fast to set up, simple to use banding machine has the power, precision and design features for high productivity motor shops. In addition to banding with wire or tape, it can be used to pull down the armature coils in a Re-roll operation.


  • Varying spindle speed banding machine
  • Responsive 15 Hp AC Vector Drive
  • Rapid speed control enables the operator to save time by moving the carriage quickly
  • All machine controls located at the top of the tension device
  • Robustly Constructed Banding Machine
  • Spindle Revolution Counter / Electric Tachometer
  • Headstock Spindle Morse Taper Dead Centre
  • Glass and Wire Tension Device available

Optional Extras:

  • Precision Tension Indicating Instrument
  • Heat Gun Assembly - For initial tape curing.
  • Digital Force Gauge Unit
  • Carriage Movement - Moves in relation to headstock
  • Four-Jaw Chuck - Mounts in place of faceplate