Improve your productivity with Rotary Automation

Rotary Automation is a new service designed to improve your productivity. Focusing on industrial processes, this new service from Rotary Automation will help to improve your efficiency, consistency, safety, data collection and reports. Our in-house expertise includes the design of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control systems, this, along with our mechanical engineering capacity, means that we can offer you a complete solution. Rotary Automation is all you need.

Rotary Automation is a new service from Rotary Engineering UK Ltd, a well established engineering business based in Sheffield, UK. Rotary’s background is in the design and automation of machinery and equipment used in repair of electric motors and production of high voltage coils. This extensive knowledge of industrial process automation is now available to all industries to improve your productivity. Look at our case studies here

The process starts with a consultation with our engineers to thoroughly understand your current process and any new requirements. We undertake a full safety review to ensure the safety of your staff and plant before design begins. We collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that our solution is the absolute best fit for your business.  Manufacturing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance are all included in the service so you can be assured of our long- term support.

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