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Motor Test Console


Design for incremental testing of electric motors after repair and before recommissioning, the Rotary Motor Test Console can test motors up to 298kW (400HP) off load and up to 150kW on load. The motor test console allows the user to increase the test voltage in increments to ensure the motor performs to standard and check that there are no faults in the motor before running at full voltage.

A new Touch Screen Test Console has been added to the range. This new updated motor test console includes all the reliability and robust engineering of our standard motor test console in addition to a touch screen interface. Offering improved operator experience the touch screen also features automated test sequences and data output via USB and option to connect to a printer. 


The Motor Test Console Features:

  • On-load tap change switches, up to 6 tap changes can be specified.
  • 1 x single switched voltmeter
  • 5 Kv flash tester / 500 Vdc Megohmeter combined unit
  • Main supply to the test consoles is via an isolating transformer for safety
  • 3 x ammeters, one for each phase
  • heavy duty transformer
  • options to test AC and DC motors

Motor Test Console for testing electric motors before recommissioning