Latest News and Events from Rotary Engineering.

Could electrostatic motors be the future?

A spin off company from the University of Wisconsin's College of Engineering has developed a brand new electric motor that uses electrostatic force rather than magnetism, as used by conventional motors.

C-Motive Technologies claim that their invention should lead to cheaper, lighter and more efficient electric motors. Their tabletop version of the motor does not require expensive rare earth metals and the coil uses cheaper aluminium as opposed to the copper found in current magnetic motors.


Introducing… Battery Lifting Magnets

We are pleased to announce the addition of Battery Lifting Magnets to our product range: The Rotary Burnand battery magnet.


New Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website , along with a new look, we have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site easier and a more interactive experience.


Magnet maintenance for productivity and longer life

Lifting magnets are often revenue generators for scrap metal yards and steel production facilities. But you could be getting more for your money from your magnet system.


Made in Sheffield Member

We are pleased to announce that we now members of ‘Made in Sheffield’, it is a mark of origin and quality of Sheffield city’s manufactured products.


Pneumatically driven varnish tank system

We are always looking to continuously innovate our range of electrical workshop equipment and we have recently developed a Varnish Tank with a pneumatically driven lid opening system.

Most of the varnish tanks which we sell are used within a repair workshop environment, towards the end of 2012 we sold the pneumatically driven varnish tank system to an overseas client offering nickel-cobalt mining and processing services.