Refurbishment Hire & Sale

The Rotary Engineering UK Ltd Hire Service was considered the first of its type to be introduced in the world by a magnet manufacturer, covering every aspect of magnet equipment hire. This service, operating throughout the U.K., allows a customer to hire an electro magnet or any other item of auxiliary equipment whilst maintenance or repair of their own equipment is undertaken.

This allowing even the largest of companies to eliminate the high expense of carrying replacements without the consequence of loss of production.  Also in the case of smaller companies having a limited turnover, it allows continuous service to be maintained without inconvenience.

Apart from the apparent advantages of this service, it has far reaching applications, e.g. where a major overhead crane overhaul is necessary due to either mechanical or electrical failure, a crane operating in the same bay, although not normally used for magnet duty, could be quickly equipped with auxiliary equipment for magnet duty.  The comparatively low hire rates and short installation would be minor, compared to the loss of production or possible cost in transferring equipment from the crane under repair.

Most popular sizes of magnets may be available, including Standard and Heavy Duty Magnets patterns for mobile crane or steelworks duty. Normal magnet repair time is in the region of two weeks depending on type of magnet and extent of repair.  The hire charge for this period is very small compared with the overall advantage of this equipment.

This service also operates on the full range of auxiliary equipment including cable drums, control gear, transformer rectifier units and generating sets. Hire rates are available on request for both short and long term hire.

Please contact us for further information. We will be happy to help, whether it's about our heavy duty magnets or our other high quality service.

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