Coil Manufacturing Package

Take advantage of our new 'mini' workshop packages. for coil manufacturing. By buying all three machines in the package, you will be saving money and buying from a company who has been designing and manufacturing workshop equipment for over 40 years.

This coil manufacturing package is designed to work together and great a mini workshop. These three machines are perfect for adding a new manufacturing process to your business or just upgrading your current equipment and current method. The package includes:

  • W3HL Looping Machine
  • CS25C Coil Spreaders
  • P20B Coil Press
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W3HL Looping Machine

Looping machines from Rotary Engineering are designed for winding loops in sectional copper before they are spread to make preformed coils.

  • Robust construction and pre-drilled floor mounts are a feature of the W3HL.
  • A free standing control panel allows the operator to operate the machine from any position

What Looping machine does the package include?

  1. WLB25 Looper Bar.

  2. WP10 Face Plates.

CS25C Coil Spreaders

Coil Spreaders from Rotary Engineering UK Ltd are designed to form coils from loops prior to pressing.

  • The machine is pneumatic in operation and independent of any other power source.
  • Fully adjustable, simple to operate and have low running costs.

What Coil Spreader does the package include?

  1. 2.5m 1525m by 787m

P20B Coil Press

Coil Presses from Rotary Engineering UK Ltd are designed to press the straight section of preformed electric motor coils.

  • The press uses the latest technology for the cost effective production of motor / generator coils.
  • The temperature of heater bars can be set as the cycle time.
  • The press heads provide horizontal and vertical forces needed to produce high quality coils.

What Coil Press does the package include?

  1. Coil Press 6 pin type heads - 2m
  2. Front Heater Bar - standard duty - 400mm long
  3. Front Heater Bar - 500mm long
  4. Front Heater Bar - 600mm long

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