What is the most important aspect: quality of lifting electromagnets or price?

The question which many people often wonder is what are distinctive features of lifting electromagnets? What makes ours better?

The simple fact is, any purchase creates a logical question – mainly, what is the quality of a cheap product? 

This question will arise when it comes to your decision in purchasing an electromagnet. There are a lot of important components within an electromagnet – things which you cannot see.

1.    Case Construction

All serial electromagnets for scrap and slab operation – which work with duty cycle of up to 75% or hot loads, are manufactured in CAST cases. This means that the electromagnet has a thick wall external pole, mostly subjected to wear in the process operation. This allows for maximum lifting capacity when lifting scrap.

When necessary to increase breakaway effort the mass ratio of case and wire varies, cases of these magnets are often heavier and are used in slab handling for instance. This is why it is impossible to manufacture a universal magnet which will work with different types of loads. That’s why we ask a lot of questions from our customers to ensure that they are getting the right magnet for the correct application.

2.    Can you make it cheaper?

To make a magnet cheaper welded or a built-up case with several parts could be used. However, this is not good. Welded electromagnet will heat up quickly due to low heat transfer and its lifting capability can decrease in proportion for capacity up to 30%.

The way the magnets are made, have been tried and tested in Sheffield since 1896, since the start of Burnard Magnets. The quality of the magnets have been tested by many customers and we believe that in order to ensure that the magnet performs and stands the test of time that cutting corners in the magnet design process will end up more costly then sourcing a cheaper magnet.

3.    Coil Material



All Rotary magnets are made with high quality wire. Electromagnet service life depends on the quality of the wire used as well as the insulation used as well. We use aluminium and copper material to create our coils. All of which are produced in our workshop by our experts in Sheffield.

We value our customers, we will work together for a long time and we are simply obliged to supply our customers with only products that we are sure have the right quality. 

At the dismantling stage of the repair process, the electromagnets are often filled with hot pitch and as such, the coil will go into pieces which make the insulation impossible to repair.

For this reason, the coils will go to scrap metal recycling and it is best the customer pays for an electromagnet repair with coil replacement. 

4.    What do we get at the end of the process?

Not only are you getting an electromagnet / electromagnet repair that is fit for purpose, you will receive the magnet safe in the knowledge that we have been doing this since 1896. Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience, there have been examples when companies have allowed their old magnet to be in continued service rather than purchasing a new magnet or getting their magnet repaired where their productivity has dropped by at least 10% and there has been increased labour hours due to the loss of productivity within the magnet.

A saving can come when the magnet is correctly developed, properly manufactured and rightly chosen.

Our electromagnets are designed, repaired and built in our workshop in Sheffield, we have a long history within the electromagnet world and are pleased that we are able to offer bespoke magnet design for unique customers, often working with different applications. 

We are always thinking about refinement and value our reputation and we work to provide businesses and our customers with lifting equipment of maximum quality.