Rotary achieves new quality standard BS EN ISO9001:2015

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd achieves the new BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Standard

Following our recent annual audit we are proud to announce that we have achieved ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Standard well before the September deadline for this new standard.

This standard includes the design, manufacture, supply, service and maintenance of workshop equipment, electromagnets and bespoke equipment at Rotary.

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd first achieved the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2004 and has consistently maintained the standard ever since. We progressed to ISO9001:2008 in 2011 and most recently achieved ISO9001:2015 in March 2018.  The team at Rotary recognise the importance of the quality management systems in our day to day activities and work together to ensure that we are fully compliant whilst maintaining the high standards expected by our customers.

Under the new standard we have formalised our customer feedback procedures and we are delighted with the responses that we have received. 100% of participants say that they would recommend Rotary Engineering and we’ve had some great comments too, including:

Rotary have thus far offered us products that offer excellent value for money with a first class level of aftercare

We appreciate the technical advice, the service and high standards of your deliveries”Rotary have thus far offered us products that offer excellent value for money with a first class level of aftercare

Tyler Bower, Management Representative said “The vision for our new system was to create a streamline Quality Management System which is integrated into business activities. Using our previous system as a template, we’ve met the requirements of the new standard by producing a versatile and informative system to apply to all aspects of business operations“

Simon Swallow, Managing Director confirmed the company’s commitment to the standard and the reassurance that it brings to our customers. “Having a standard in place that accurately reflects our business procedures is fundamental to the operation of Rotary. Achieving this new standard is an indication of how committed the whole team is to our quality systems, and in particular to the hard work Tyler and the team have put in to completely rewrite and restructure the systems”