Introducing… Battery Lifting Magnets

We are pleased to announce the addition of Battery Lifting Magnets to our product range. The Rotary Burnand battery magnet incorporates design features which make it safer and easier to use than conventional models. 


What are Battery Lifting Magnets? 

The fully sealed power pack ensures the magnet is virtually maintenance free.  Acid spills are prevented and the usual danger of damage to equipment and burns to personnel involved in topping up batteries is avoided.  A sophisticated electronic monitor provides a continuous check on the magnet's performance and simultaneously ensures that the battery is maintained in good condition to extend its working life.  The special alarm system monitors battery voltage giving both audible and visual warnings. 

A second stage self-checks magnet performance each time the magnet is switched on.  Battery life between charges is up to a full week of average use, and re-charging can be carried out overnight, with automatic monitor / controller to prevent over-charging.  The magnet can be operated at any angle provided safe working practices are observed, and its compact rigid casing is streamlined so there are no projections which can be damaged.  A range of other models is available, including a one tonne SWL battery magnet for plate handling and bi-polar battery magnet for handling round bar sections. 

Specials are available for non-standard applications, including radio remote control.

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