Magnet Repair

Irrespective of type and regardless of make, the Rotary Engineering UK Ltd Magnet Repair Service is a customer's guarantee of a magnet rebuilt to the same high standards to which new Rotary Engineering UK Ltd magnets are manufactured.

Thorough examination

Prior to dismantling, the magnet is subjected to a complete mechanical inspection and a number of electrical tests. From these tests it is possible to determine coil condition and in certain instances, where insulation tests are low, the magnet coil can sometimes be restored to its original condition by vacuum drying. Although this is not always successful, it is an attempt to save a customer normal magnet repair charges.

Thorough repair

Prompt efficient rebuilding of a magnet (normal repairs two weeks) commences with the pre-dismantling report, detailing all components which are to be renewed. The extensive stock of parts maintained at all times ensures minimum delay on rebuilding.

Where machining is required, our design staff prepare detailed drawings which are submitted to the engineering department in order that the machining capacity can be programmed for all components to be available for re-assembly at one time.

The various types of coil winding machines, enable winding of any type of coil, including wire and strip of both copper and aluminum.

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Improved performance

When winding the coil, it is sometimes possible to design the replacement so that improved saturation increases the lifting performance without increase in power consumption.

Throughout the rebuilding sequence, components and methods applicable to present day magnet construction are utilised wherever possible to ensure improved performance and longer magnet life.

Once re-assembled, the magnet is subjected to vacuum drying, which removes any trace of moisture absorbed during rebuilding. Throughout this operation insulation tests are taken at regular intervals.

The normal process of impregnation uses a high melting point insulating compound to give complete encapsulation of the coil.

On leaving the factory, a rebuilt magnet carries the same guarantee as a new one and embodies the skill and experience resulting from over 50 years of magnet manufacture and development.

Subject to availability, magnets are available for loan whilst a customer's magnet is under repair - see hire service.

Refurbishment and Repair

Throughout the repair process our guiding principle is to keep you the customer informed and in control. You are welcome to visit us at any time during the repair process to see the progress of your magnet.

Rotary Engineering has full machining capabilities, even for the largest electromagnets enabling us to dismantle magnets in a precise and cost effective way. We carry out all the refurbishment work here in our Sheffield plant where we have the capability to repair or refurbish any magnet from any manufacturer.

We can redesign the coil material if the original material is no longer available or uneconomical to use. This coil can be wound either from copper or Aluminium depending on the design of the electromagnet and its eventual application.


Our workshop includes:

  • Vacuum drying and heating facility (your magnet may only need a dry out and re-seal).
  • Full dismantling capabilities for either Copper or Aluminium coils.
  • Machining, assembly and welding - in line with the repair service we offer.
  • Full in house testing facilities.
  • Professional LOLER testing and certification for every magnet produced here at Rotary.

Our procedure when a magnet is received for repair :

A visual inspection and electrical test are conducted and you are informed the results; recommendations are given. They often fit into one of three categories:

  1. The magnet can be dried out and re-sealed.
  2. The magnet is electrically OK but needs mechanical work.
  3. The magnet needs stripping down for a full test report.

When action is agreed, we produce a full quotation outlining the areas where work is required, the cost of this work and a delivery date. If there are different options available, we will give you the details. Should the magnet need stripping down, you may visit us and see your magnet in pieces to discuss the options for repair - it is your magnet and we want you to be confident in the service we are providing.

When you give us the go-ahead, we refurbish the magnet in line with the details agreed. Rotary Burnand will complete the work for the price stated in the quotation and deliver it to you on time. It will be fully tested before it is released from our works.

If you choose not to go-ahead with a repair, we return the magnet to you in with just the strip down costs and delivery to pay - this cost can often be offset if you decide to scrap the magnet.

Not just lifting magnets...

We also repair other magnetic equipment including :

  • Magnetic separation equipment.
  • Electro-magnetic clutch and brake units.
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