Magnet Design

Rotary Engineering will design and manufacture an electromagnet for your specific application using our skill, experience and the latest technology.

Over the years our range has been developed and expanded. All variations are not recorded on this website. Although the magnet you require is not listed here, it may be in standard range. Magnets for use under water or other extreme conditions are all part of our remit.

If we do not have a magnet in our range to suit your requirements, contact us with details - we have the facilities and experience to design and manufacture a magnet and/or magnet system to meet those requirement.

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Computer Aided Design

We can base the design on an existing magnet or system, or produce something completely new.

Our finite element modelling package enables us to accurately produce a virtual magnet and assess its suitability for you application.

We can then produce a virtual 3D model of this design enabling us to visualise a complete system. This model can be emailed to a customer and viewed without any special software.


We can also produce bespoke separation solutions to suit your needs.