Rotary Engineering Services


Here at Rotary we have decades of experience in design and build of workshop and coil manufacturing equipment. The great news that we can also refurbish, repair of upgrade your existing equipment. 

Coil Press Upgrades

With extensive experience  in the design and manufacture of hydraulic coil presses we are able to assess your existing hydraulic coil press to see if we can bring it up to latest standards for a fraction of the price of a new press. 

We can upgrade your existing coil press with the addition of PLC touch screen control and advanced programming features including data logging, data output recipe storage, automatic kneading and other bespoke requirements. We alos offer solutions for mechanical upgrade of you hydraulic coil press including pressing heads and  hydraulics. The upgrade package is available for all major makes of coil press.

Coil Press Refurbishment

A replacement hydraulic coil press is a large investment and you may wish to consider a full refurbishment package for a fraction of the price. Here at Rotary Engineering we can full refurbish your existing coil press including a full stripdown, clean and rebuild, new hydraulics, new press head seals finished off with a full repaint to make your coil press look as good as new. 

Coil Press Repair

Has you coil press broken down or just not functioning properly? Does you coil press have oil leaks? Rotary Engineering may be able to assist. Send details to