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Wire Stripper

Wire Stripping Machines are used to remove coatings and tapes from the end of sectional copper strips and wire prior to coil manufacture / brazing.


  • The wire stripping machine is designed to be simple to operate
  • Adjustable stop so that only the length of wire to be stripped can be inserted.
  • Internal counter rotating wire brushes ensure that metal particles are directed inside the machine.
  • Adjustable gap between the brushes to suit the thickness of the wire being stripped.
  • 2 x 190 watt motors drive the brushes on the wire stripping machine
  • Red button stops the wire stripper and also acts as the emergency stop.
  • 1200 W heavy duty industrial vacuum extractor takes metal particles away from the operator and away from the workplace
  • A grid protects the operator from the wire brushes, making our wire stripping machine incredibly safe.