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Stator Cut Off and Puller

Stator Cut Off Machines are used to remove end windings from electrical motors quickly without damaging laminations.


Stator located on the table

  • Lower limits; Stator bore 225 mm diameter
  • Height from table to cutter » 150 mm
  • Upper limits; Depends upon table size
  • Height from table to cutter ≈ 1100 mm

Stator located on the floor

  • Lower limits; Stators cannot be processed without restraint
  • Height from floor to cutter »v550 mm
  • Upper limits; Strator bore ≈ 1100 mm diameter
  • Height from floor to cutter »1500 mm

Depth of cut

Maximum ≈ 60 mm with 7” (178 mm) dia. cutting disc, more with a 10” (250 mm) disc. The above limits are for cutting off coil ends without any change in position of the stator. Simply moving the position of the stator means coils of larger diameter stators can be cut off, providing even more flexibility.