Upgrade, Refurbish or Repair your existing Coil Manufacturing Equipment

Rotary offer a full service to bring you existing equipment back to 'as new' standard, or even better!

With decades of experience in the design and manufacture of coil manufacturing equipment Rotary can offer a unique service to save you money and keep your coil shop running reliably and efficiently. If you have older coil manufacturing equipment such as coil presses, coil spreaders or loop winding machines we may be able to help you bring them up to modern standards and keep you on top of current production trends. We can support all makes and models.

Here's some of the services we have to offer: 


Upgrade with new PLC touch screen controls including automatic kneading, data logging, water automation, dual press functionality. 

Refurbish the whole press with new hydraulic power pack and cylinders, full stripdown and rebuild of the press heads, recommission and repaint

Expand with additional press heads or even stretch your press to take larger coils

Repair you press to keep your workshop running



Refurbish with a  full stripdown, repair and service for your coil spreader including with replacement parts where necessary. Includes commissioning and full repaint to make your coil spreader as good as new.

Repair your trusted coil spreader, let us identify the fault and repair your coil spreader to get you working as soon as possible.

Upgrade your coil spreader if it no longer meets your customers requirements



Upgrade your older machine with new PLC touch screen controls including lap count, coil count and reverse count. Save your coil information for repeat orders. 

Upgrade with a new high torque motor gear box and inverter

Refurbish with a full stripdown, service and repair to bring your machine back to 'as new' condition.

Repair with the help of our team at Rotary Engineering. 


Interested? Send you photographs ( up to 10MB ) along with details to