Coil Puller Station

The Armature Coil Pulling Station simplifies the process of removing coils from armature’s coil slots. This complete workstation, reduces the need for overhead crane moves while enabling a single worker to safely remove armature coils.

The station consists of three main components: a traction motor sized Armature Stand with “over-the-top” shaft Clamping device, Pneumatic Cylinder Coil Puller, and Portable I-beam Support Structure.


  • Capable of supporting armatures weighing upwards of 6,500 lb
  • To heavy standards are mounted onto the base
  • A hand-wheel adjusts the height of the stand’s roller hands
  • Heavy-duty cylinder with coil gripping assembly
  • Portable high beam
Coil Puller Station, Removing Coils - Rotary Engineering overlay

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