CNC Coil Spreaders

Automated coil spreaders are used to make a full formed coil from a loop and can be used in conjunction with our range of CNC Winding Machines.

This range of CNC spreader machines is available in two types:

  • Two arm spreader machine
  • Four arm spreader machine

It is part of automatic coil forming equipment offered by Rotary Engineering UK Ltd.


  • CNC Control
  • AC servo motor driven
  • Automatic end radius forming
  • Spring back compensation
  • Parameters set on a touch screen
  • Suited to volume production and small batch work
Automated Coil Spreader overlay


Automated Coil Spreader ACS-80

Automated Coil Spreader ACS-150

Automated Coil Spreader ACS-250


Downloadable Specifications

CNC Coil Spreader