Auto Welders

Automatic TIG welding is a controlled, repeatable process that provides consistent, high quality TIG welds. It simplifies welding, boosts productivity and provides you with the ability to have your operator perform other tasks while monitoring the welding process. Armatures that required hours to weld manually can be expertly, easily and quickly processed.

The range is available in three sizes of Horizontal welding machines and a versatile Vertical System.

Features - Horizontal Range:

  • Quick set up centers require no special tools
  • Saw option for cutting off coil ends
  • Automatic indexing and weld cycle control
  • Programmable to reduce heat build-up
  • Easily adaptable for armature diameters/lengths
  • Machine sixed for armatures up to 25,000 lbs

Features – Vertical Range:

  • Very affordable Automatic Machine
  • Smaller machine footprint
  • Operator-friendly controls
  • Vertical weld flow for excellent puddling
  • Fast set-up on armature sleeves
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